Emily San Luis Obispo Senior Portraits

Miss Emily and I have known each other for a couple years through our sorority. She is someone I always wanted to get to know more, so when she contacted me about a senior shoot I was really excited. I was so thankful for our time together in the wee hours of the morning in beautiful San Luis Obispo. Thank you so much Emily for gracing my camera with your beauty and letting me into your life! EmilyMohney-(3-of-43)EmilyMohney-(1-of-43)EmilyMohney-(6-of-43)EmilyMohney-(7-of-43)EmilyMohney-(8-of-43)EmilyMohney-(10-of-43)EmilyMohney-(16-of-43)EmilyMohney-(23-of-43)EmilyMohney-(30-of-43)EmilyMohney-(27-of-43)EmilyMohney-(34-of-43)EmilyMohney-(37-of-43)EmilyMohney-(38-of-43)EmilyMohney-(42-of-43)2014GroupShots-(7-of-37)2014GroupShots-(4-of-37)2014GroupShots-(12-of-37)2014GroupShots-(22-of-37)2014GroupShots-(28-of-37)

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