Justin + Jeanette Anniversary

Jeanette contacted me a while back about doing engagement photos with her sweet hubby Justin. The shoot we had planned was going to be in the forest, but the weather was a bit cray that day so we decided to stick closer to the coast. We were blessed with clear skies and great weather (thanks Jesus 😉 ). Jeanette is a fellow photographer so we had tons of fun chatting all things photo-related. I loved their laid back vibe, sweet love for each other and spirit of adventure. Thanks for making the treck down to San Diego, I enjoyed the afternoon with you!AnniversarySession_010AnniversarySession_008AnniversarySession_006AnniversarySession_002AnniversarySession_003AnniversarySession_009AnniversarySession_004AnniversarySession_005AnniversarySession_001AnniversarySession_007AnniversarySession_016AnniversarySession_014AnniversarySession_015AnniversarySession_013AnniversarySession_012AnniversarySession_011AnniversarySession_019AnniversarySession_017AnniversarySession_018gemen


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