The stuff that makes my heart beat a little faster:

Been married for nearly three years to my sweet husband. I just can’t stop laughing whenever we are together.

Currently based in Southern California but I love to travel. Whether it be the forest in the Pacific Northwest, a beach in Hawaii, or Utah’s National Parks, I’d love to go wherever you two are saying I do.

Besides photography, I feel alive when I’m painting, cooking, exploring, laughing with good friends and sharing rich stories.

I’m passionate about healthy living, healthy thinking and healthy friendships.

Most days, you can find me shopping at our local farmer’s markets, scoping out a flower stand or hanging out with my calico kitty Nala (I may or may not be that person who takes their cat on walks…don’t judge).

I am inspired by wild forests, backpacking, weird cactuses, untamed florals + thrift stores to name a few.

I’m in love with Jesus and his mad-love for everyone he meets and ability to speak hope into my soul.

What I love most about what I do is being able to be a part of people’s stories and show them how beautiful their journey is. I hope my clients get to look back on their photos in ten years and fall in love all over again. I can’t really think of a job that would be more awesome than this one.